My background is in media and communication studies. Primary research interests are in social movement research, citizen activism, alternative media, and political sociology, organisational and science communication, and media choice theories.

Current Project

  • Private religion: The appropriation of individual transcendental imagination in a media saturated environment (with Büsra Sönmez)

Past Projects

  • Communication Strategies of Locacl Environmental Activist Groups, funded by the German Science Foundation
  • Changing Repertoires and Sensemaking Processes in Grass-Root-Activist-Grops (Dissertation)
  • Media Choice in Global Virtual Research Teams (with Frauke Zeller, Oxana Lapteva, Andrea Crone, Catherina Dürrenberg & Ingmar Steinicke)
  • Patterns of Democratic Engagement in the Germany Citenzenry (with Angelika Füting)
  • Electronic Democracy in German Large Cities (in cooperation with the Initiative eParticipation in Germany)
  • Citizen Activism against Right-Wing Radicalism
  • Mood Management and the Influence of Mood on the Perception of Music (with Markus Seifert)
  • HipHop in the German Democratic Republic (with Diana Schlehahn & Jörn Seiler)